How to exploit Joomla 1.5.x

How to exploit Joomla 1.5.x

1. Getting to the admin Control Panel
2. Uploading shell
3. Messing... =)

We will call the website '' for the purposes of this website.

--Part 1--

-First we must find a vulnerable host. All versions of Joomla! are vulnerable until next release, but there is a way you can prevent this attack. We will google dork around for a vulnerable website.

Google d0rk ----> intext:"Welcome to the Frontpage"

Now, we choose:

To test if it is vulnerable we put this at the end of the url:


enter the character:


as the token. If all went well you should be redirected to a page where you can change the admin password. Now go back to and add:


to the end of the url. Try and login with admin (the default) as the user and the changed pass. I f it didn't work, it means you have the wrong username. This could become a very big guessing game =). I would suggest visiting the forums and looking for the admin username.

Finally! We are on the admin Control Panel of! Time to upload shell...

--Part 2--

Now click on the 


icon.Then click on the 


tab. Now scroll to the bottom of the page and disable

Check mime types

File controlling

and add php as a legal file extension. Now get your php shell, I will use locus7s (a variant of c99) as my shell. You can get these shells anywhere. Save it as a php file on your disk. Now go back to the main Control Panel and go to the 


and browse your shell from your computer press upload and wait for it to finish. When it says


you may proceed to the messing section =)...

--Part 3--

Now go back to and add

/images/yourshell.php (replace yourshell.php by the name of the shell you uploaded. I would recommend giving your shell a secret name, otherwise people will re-access your shell.)

Now you should be on the shell interface. This might look kind of messed up when you are a beginner, but don't worry...

Click on the folder icon that says


Now go to 


and press the 


or the button on the far right above the text box. Now you may edit the front page =). Don't forget to press the



Last but not least, go back to the main shell interface and click the


button and now go to


and click on


Now clear the bottom part with your IP and click


Now you're clear to leave =).

Have fun...


that token will be sent to admin gmail o.O :/
then how to enter and what to enter in that token place ?
plzz tell


Joomla is an incredible web stage to work with, however how to learn Joomla can likewise be extreme in the event that you go about it the wrong way. To know more information you can see more Joomla Tutorials


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