ALL IMPORTANT LINKS  


- Topcoder Algorithms Tutorial:
- GeeksForGeeks:
- Leetcode:

Web Dev

- Monstrous list of front-end development tutorials:
- Basic intro to some popular web technologies:
- Good courses and sample projects in JS, Ruby and Python :


- Some fine tutorials on Python, C, Ruby, Regex, etc IFF you can follow* the exercises:
*solve everything instead of just glancing though all the code and text
- Listing of common topics under various CS subjects:
- Beginner step towards Ruby-
- An expansive collection of tutorials and resources:

Competitive Programming(and Practice):
- Topcoder:
- Codechef:
- Spoj:
- Codeforces:
- HackerRank:
- HackerEarth:
- UVa Online Judge:
- Quora Challenges:
- Facebook Challenges:
- CodingBat:

Open Source:
- OpenHatch:
- Freecode:
- Code52 :
- SourceForge:
- Google code:
- TeachingOpenSource:

Video Lectures:
Huge list of video tutorial sites:
Another huge list with many common links: : Lectures on a wide array of technologies, most of them non-boring.
Video lectures on almost everything:


Personal Recomendations:
(Include any lectures/tutorials you have followed and found significantly more effective than the rest; include your name so those seeking clarifications can make directed queries)
- HTML5 and CSS: [sananda jain]
- PHP & MySQL - Beginners PHP & MySQL from Wrox Publications [koustuv sinha]
- PHP and MySQL - tutorials: 1. PHP & MySQL Essentials, 2. PHP & MySQL Beyond the Basics. [adarsh yagnik]
- Tests : [hitesh kundlia]

Course Search Engine: Search for online courses over internet

Best Free Ebooks for any CS-IT course :

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