Difference Between IPv4 and IPv6 ( Computer Networks ) IPv4 V/s IPv6

Difference Between IPv4 and IPv6 ( Computer Networks ) IPv4 V/s IPv6

New Topic For Networking Students Who Stdies on Computer Networks. Where they also read "Difference Between IPv4 & IPv6" and We provide very simple points for this difference between IPv4 and IPv6. You can once read and Easily keep in your mind.

For IPv4 :
  1. Adresses are 32 bit (4Bytes) in Length.
  2. Header Des Not Identify Packet Flow.
  3. Checksum Field is Available in Header.
  4. Options Field are Available in Header.
  5. Manual Configuration of IP Adresses and DHCP is required to configure the IP Adress.
  6. Broadcast Messages are Available.
  7. IPSec are Optional and Should be Supported Externally.
  8. Must Support a 576 bytes packet size.

  9. Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) is available to map IPv4 addresses to MAC addresses.

    For IPv6 :

    1. Adresses are 128 bit (16 bytes) in Length.
    2. Packet Data Flow Identification is Available in IPv6.
    3. No Checksum Field in Header.
    4. No Options Field are Available but Extension Headers are Available.
    5. Does Not Required Manual Configuration or DHCP.
    6. Broadcast Message are Not Available in IPv6. Instead a Link Local Scope all nodes multicast address is used for broadcast.
    7. IPSec Support is not Optional.
    8. Must Support a 1280 bytes packet size.
    9. ARP is replaced with Neighbour Discovery Protocol. 


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