Complete Wordpress Security

Complete Wordpress Security

Today , Wordpress has been a commonly used Content Management Systems. Due to its vast features and ease for the users, wordpress has become sophisticated. The wordpress has its own avid plugins and functionilities.

As this cyber world is dangerous,the website hacking has been a common trend for hackers. Wordpress also has been a vulnerable victim for the hackers. Most admins dont  know even their site is vulnerable.

Soo risky right??

So any solutions for the poor wordpress admins (other than coding).

Yes, Wordpress itself came with a complete solutions as a plugin named -'iThemes Security'. The easiest , most effective way to secure Wordpress in seconds.
Wow, so you get to  know, but how to implement it or where to get it.

1. After activation, iThemes Security guides you through important first steps

2.  One-click secure button enables most security features

3. Instantly scan your site and see where you can improve your security with high, medium and low priority items 

So as you see, iThemes Security provides an Complete security for future. So download it, and make your site secure from intruders
For more information, view the above download link and its features.

Thanks Abhishek Tavasalkar,


Hey Justin,

This is really a cool article. Will help a lot of WordPress users. And I should be thankful to you for pointing out the loopholes; I didn't even knew about.

The funny thing is, my brother from many days was telling me to secure WP by using a security plugin. But I gave him a deaf ear. Things went awry when saw around more than 200+ visits within 5minutes on just the domain and no referral traffic. I knew, someone was messing with my site.

And you messaged me on FB. It was only because of you Justin that I took some serious steps in securing my site. Will definitely share this article. It really deserves a share. Hats off to you brother.

Have a great day!

- Abhishek Tavasalkar


Always at work bro. Thank you for your kind words!!


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