RealVNC, Fast Remote Desktop for LAN

 RealVNC, why and how?

The use of computers has greatly increased. It is now necessary for business corporations to keep their networks secure and also easily accessible.
Ease of access is the need of people. We now want everything easily accessible, anywhere and at any time.
We want the photos we captured on our phone right away on our PC. We want to control our computer through our phone. We want to remote control our phone from the PC.

Remote desktop connections have become very important. It is not feasible for computer technicians to roam about and fix problems of people who are techies. Remote desktop connections help solve software related problems without physically visiting to repair.

When it comes to remote desktop, we have many options like Teamviewer, Ammy Admin etc. These are pretty good software programs with nice features. But when these are used on LAN, they lack speed.
These don't work without the internet and even if you are online these programs are pretty slow even if you want to connect on LAN. They turn you to an inefficient computer engineer.

VNC helps you when you are on LAN.
VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing. It is a desktop sharing system that uses Remote Frame Buffer rotocol (RFB) to remotely control another computer.

VNC and RFB are registered trademarks of RealVNC Ltd.

RealVNC is a set of programs that allow you to create and connect VNC servers. It comes in three versions - Free, Personal and Enterprise. The free version does not include file transfer.
To get RealVNC, you must head to RealVNC Downloads. You will se a range of items to download. Download the full package which contains VNC server as well as viewer, for your operating system.
Download it and install the package. Also register on and get your license key (compulsory for free users also).
After installation, configuration is easy.

Creating a VNC Server

 Go to START -> RealVNC -> VNC Server.
 You will be presented with something like this:

You can configure your VNC server using the 'More...' button. You can set a password so that there are no unnecessary users.
VNC Viewer users can connect using the given IP address.

Connecting to a VNC Server

Go to START -> RealVNC -> VNC Viewer
You will be presented with something like this:

Connecting is as easy as typing the server's IP addresses and clicking 'Connect'.
That's it enjoy remote desktop connections on LAN.
VNC is as fast as using the host computer itself.

Why to use VNC?

  • Faster than other software
  • Fast Remote Desktop Connection
  • Allows configuring multiple machines from one machine

    That's all about VNC. For any queries you can personally contact and ask.


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