AutoHotkey, create your own shortcuts

Creating your own shortcuts with AHK


Hackers don't like to waste their time and brains.
Hackers don't do the same task again and again.
If there's a task you always need to do, creating a shortcut key helps.
It's so easier to press CTRL+C than Right Click -> Copy.
Even if you are not a hacker, you visit Facebook each day.
Everytime you want to visit, you turn on your browser, click on the address bar, type and press enter.
I only press Windows Key + F and there comes Facebook.
If you read below, you will also be able to create such shortcuts for yourself.



AutoHotkey allows you to create your own macros and hotkeys.
You can create your tasks, you can do multiple operations on one click or keystroke.
We will learn how to write very basic AutoHotkey scripts here.
To download AutoHotkey head to

Download and install AutoHotkey.
Now you can run AutoHotkey scripts on your computer.

An AutoHotkey script file has a .ahk extension. To run the script you just have to run the file and an icon will appear in your quick launch bar.
Just create your scripts and save as script.ahk and run it.

Creating AutoHotkey Script

Opening a website:
To open a website in your default web browser:

The Run command is used to launch a program. The "#" stands for the windows key. The above line of code means that will be opened when Windows Key + n is pressed.


Run notepad

The above code executes two things on the pressing of Windows key + n. It runs notepad and also opens

Similarly ^ stands for CTRL and ! stands for ALT.
Also you can write scripts to automate keystrokes.

For example, if your script contains:

::btw::by the way

This will automatically convert your "btw" to "by the way". AutoHotkey is a time saver. You can do tons of things with it.
You can automate form filling. You can do all our everyday tasks on one click.
If you use AutoHotkey everytime, you can add those scripts to your Startup folder.
You must read the AutoHotkey Official Documentation and Tutorials. You can learn AutoHotkey scripting there and write scripts according to your need.


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